REPs & Utilities

Traditionally as demand increases to extreme levels and the electric system is stretched, Retail Electric Providers and Utilities are forced to source additional supply for their customers often at great cost. What if this "load swing" could be reduced or nullified completely... With Breaksmart this can become a reality.


Cost: The simple solution is often the best... From a technical perspective, BreakSmart is not complex; the initial prototype was built using a $12 microcontroller off Amazon. As such, BreakSmart is relatively inexpensive especially when compared to some of the new smart devices out there. All you need is a wifi connection.

Real Time "Response" Data: BreakSmart is measuring your customer usage at the device level in real time. The machine learning algorithms overlaying this data allow you to know in aggregate how much response in MWs is available instantaneously and over time during an event. As devices are forced to come back online so as not to inconvenience your customers, the total response level will fall. This "Response Duration Curve" will provide you with the data you need to best manage your customer liabilities.

Device Agnostic: BreakSmart has been designed to be device agnostic- any device a customer is willing to provide for demand response will work. The only requirement is the device has it's own circuit breaker. Luckily in a standard household setup, all high consumption devices such as pool pumps, water heaters and A/C systems will have their own breaker setup. BreakSmart removes the need to have a partnership with every device manufacturer out there. Often manufacturers want to take a large cut of the value demand response provides, greatly reducing the value left for the utility.

"Making Dumb Devices Smart": The growth rate of smart appliances in homes is expected to be exponential over the next few years. As with any technology there will be the "early adopters" who will rush out to buy the devices as soon as they become available. However, the replacement cycle for a water heater, pool pump, or A/C system is usually around 10-15 years meaning that "dumb" devices will be around for a few years yet in the majority of homes. While others prefer to focus on smart devices, here at BreakSmart we are focused on 'making dumb devices smart" and getting the most demand response from people's homes as they are today. Even if consumers have smart devices, BreakSmart will work with them too.

Simple Install: Simplicity in hardware design is met with simplicity in installation. From prototypes with many wires, we have produced an elegant solution that reduces the install time and minimizes disruption to households.

Reliable Response: The response provided by BreakSmart is coming from thousands of customers and even more devices. This means that any single failure, such as an internet outage at a single customer location will only effect one of thousands of customers.