BreakSmart is designed to provide relief to the electric system when it is under stress. It does this by controlling your high usage devices such as A/C unit, pool pump, water heater, and electric vehicle charger in a way that minimizes any inconvenience to you. BreakSmart makes all devices smart devices; you don't even need to change your thermostat.


Cheaper Rates: BreakSmart will save you money on your electric rate. Using less power when the electric system is stretched is a great benefit to your provider. This will allow them to charge you a lower rate than without BreakSmart. 

Green Solution: When the electric system is stretched it forces the most dirty, inefficient power plants to be turned on, often burning oil or diesel. What if we can balance the grid without them? Instead of increasing supply, BreakSmart reduces demand so we don't have to. Feel good about saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy Monitor: Always wondered which devices are using the most power? BreakSmart will tell you using monitors on each of your devices. Maybe you will want to increase the temperature on your thermostat or reduce it on your water heater to save energy when you find out. The system will even provide suggestions on how you can save on your electric usage and bill!

Smartphone App: BreakSmart comes complete with a smartphone app that gives you details of your device usage. It also keeps you informed of grid conditions and will send you notifications if it looks like the grid will be stretched and power to your devices will be interrupted. You can also change the configuration as to how your devices respond to demand events. You might be willing to offer more interruption to your pool pump than your A/C system, for example. Everything is configurable from the app.